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How to succeed as a self-published Author: In only 3 months, I have sold more than 500 copies.

Hello to you all.

What I want to share with you is not something I want you to pay for. On the contrary it is all FOR FREE. Yes, you read it correctly. ALL FOR FREE.

My name is Audrey Lavigne and I am a self-published author, also known as an Indie Author.

I published my first book in the series "Jasper the island hopper", subtitled "A day on Mahe", on the 13th October 2020, followed by the second book in the same series, subtitled "An adventure on Praslin", on the 11th of November 2020. A picture book whereby my dog Jasper takes you on a different island of Seychelles in each book. A great educational book for kids 4 to 10 years, with questions on the last page to test what they have learnt about these beautiful places.

I also published my first book in the series "An only child's Diary", subtitled "A new life", on the 20th of October 2020. A chapter book for girls ages 8-13, whereby an 11 year old girl moves from a busy island to a much quieter one. its a total new life for Alyssa, and she writes it all, including her challenges, fears, excitements and more, in her Diary.

So, I now have 3 children's books published on Amazon, and I am currently working on the 3 more picture books to complete the Jasper the island hopper series: A trip to LaDigue, A boat ride, And Christmas countdown with Jasper. Editing for all three is done, and what I need to do next is to get my illustrator to work on the illustrations.

I have also written the second second book for An only child's Diary series, My Christmas Holiday. Soon I will send it to my developmental editor, then I'll send to other editor for final editing.

I am also working on the third book for this series, My First Crush.

What have I learnt so far and want to share with you?

When I started last year, I though publishing a book was easy. Well, it's not hard but there's a lot of work to it. So, it is all possible as long as you are willing to put a lot of time and devotion into it, as well as investing some money.

The hardest part is Marketing your book. That's one main thing i have learnt. This book market is a huge competitive one. Especially when there are the big and well known traditional publishers with so much and expertise to promote and advertise their books. But there are so many self-published authors who has made it to the top and they are very successful today. This is what kept me going. And you too can be one of those successful self-published author one day.

Yes it doesn't happen over night. It requires a lot of dedication, and no one can do it for you but yourself. Therefore, if you have published a book but it is not selling well, do not despair.

Simply subscribe to my website and once a week or every fortnight, I will post something about HOW TO SUCCEED AS A SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR. All for free.

Interesting topics will include:

  1. How to use Social Media to market your children's book?

  2. How to make sure that your children's book is perfect?

  3. How to create ads on Amazon?

  4. How to sell books outside Amazon zone?

  5. How to prepare a book launch?

And a lot more.

All I would like in return is to follow me on my Facebook page, Audrey Lavigne, Author ( ; Instagram, and to also be part of my launch team for my upcoming books, and lastly, for you to read my books and write a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

But again these are not a must. You only do it if you feel like it. Thank you in advance for your support and love.

One more thing. I am also working on books for adults and young adults:

  1. How to earn a degree from home.

  2. A romance suspense novel.

  3. A young adult novel.

I Hope to publish all three before end of the year too.

Yes. I have 10 books to publish this year.

So, join me. And let's support each other.

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