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Spring Fling Kid-Lit Contest 2023!

I am so excited to share with you my entry for this year's Spring Filing Writing Contest.

How Spring Got Its Name: 104 words. Hope you enjoy it.

A huge thank you to Ciara O'Neil and Kaitlyn Sanchez, as well as this year's judge, Ashley Franklin and all prize donators, for this great opportunity.

Click here for more details about this contest:

How “Spring” Got Its Name

How Spring got such a beautiful name is such a wonder!

Well, everything is explained here when exploring each letter:

S is for the Snow that begins to melt as the weather gets warmer.

P is for the Plants and flowers that start blooming more than ever.

R is for the Rain that fall to help the Grass become a lot greener.

I is for Itchy eyes, and flu, which are sadly common signs of hay fever.

N is for Nights getting shorter, while the days getting a bit longer.

And finally, G is for the Great celebrations, such as Mother’s Day and Easter.

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