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Audrey Lavigne (Author)

Give Your Kids The Opportunity To Travel The World Through Books.
Allow Them To Increase Their Knowledge and To Be Proud of Themselves Tomorrow.
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Hi there! Lovely to meet you.

My name is Audrey Lavigne and I'm from the Seychelles.

I am an author of children's books and I am also working on some books for adults.

If I know a child is smiling while reading my books, this makes me the richest author on earth.


Jasper The Island Hopper Series

This is a series for kids ages 4-10 who adore exploring new places in the world. 

Jasper the adventurous dog visits a different island of Seychelles and learns interesting facts about these spectacular places. 

An educational adventure travel picture book series.


An Only Child's Diary Series

Based on a True Story, this is a middle grade novel written in a diary format. 

Alyssa is an Only Child, and like any other child growing up, she faces all sorts of challenges. 

She deals with them all in her own way and shares it all in her diaries.

 "Coming from a small island nation myself, I really appreciated learning of a new place while enjoying a story within the story! This is a really sweet tale with a lesson intertwined. The characters are wonderful and the artwork is beautifully done. My 7 year old daughter loved it as I read it to her multiple times in one sitting!! This is definitely a keeper for our library."


"A lovely book written in diary format of an 11 year old Seychellois girl.

The story talks about bullying which is a problem amongst not only kids but adults too. It talks about friendships. being confident in oneself and the importance of family. Typical scenarios in the life of a young girl and how she handled these situations. I am happy to have my 10 year old read it because of all the good morale the author has added to the story lines.

The illustrations are also absolutely beautiful."




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